Wednesday, August 15, 2012

INDIA IN 2012 15 AUG 2012

INDIA IN 2012  15 AUG 2012

On this day of 66th Independence day , I want to say some thing important to the critics here.   I am seeing India since 1947 .  We are eating the benifits of what the first 25 years of planning and there after. In 1947  India’s  population was only  33 crores Now it is 123 crores . The foundation of infrastructure of planning by the then leaders made India stand self-sufficient in all fields  even with 123 crores of population. 

Problems of India 1947 :

No other country had so many problems of multi-culture,creed, caste, regionalism , language etc.  India at 1947 was in a very bad shape; it had to import from ‘a pin’ to the ‘railway engine’. Food,  clothing and everything was in shortage. No irrigation fecility, no proper roads , no schools and colleges, no health fecility. no technology and no capital.  Internal condition of India was pathetic with ethnic violence as Jinna instigated ‘Direct Action’ against Hindus. More than 360 states wanted to become Independent. Everywhere ther was communal violence .  Patel - though very ill , controlled, looked after internal peace and finished his duty and followed Gandhiji  to heaven.  Millions of Hindu Refugees from Pak, had to be settled  with home and food. 



 Nehru  met the  leaders of the world -nations and borrowed capital and Technology for basic Industries and built dams and  worked day and night with others for development. The population was raising in alarming rate. Crippled  India was able to stand up on its legs. Now India is  developed on all fronts.  But our expectations are high. Now, When the West is crumbling  with economic crisis, 100s of banks going bankrupt,  India stands firm. Even the poor in slums, have a Mobile and a TV at home, They have a ‘BPL’ card also; counted as poor.  In villages there is dearth of labour even to harvest the crops. Every year more than  4Lk engineers are coming out. I can see the enormous change.  


Some Present Dogmatic Youths :

The present day youths are benefiting and eating the fruits of their (old leaders) and  labour, - but abusing them; thus our (Hindu) culture has become a culture of ingratitude and dogmatic and scandalizing, a hatred culture by some selfish and narrow minded- Power hungry people. Dogmatism cannot see the truth or accept it. Most of them are brain-washed. 


The Minority Government And The PM :

Any other person in the place of MMS can not do better having a minority government - but can change the policy to ‘rural economy from capitalic economy’; for which even BJP is against. About corruption some are made up, some are true facing the trial; but some persons  accuse the top brasses without evidences  only for jealousy.


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