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William Wordsworth says  "The Child is Father of the man"  One's childhood, may be taken as forming the basis of one's manhood.  Wordsworth said it to appreciate nature when one is a child;  a man or even old.  But now It has become famous proverb having a lot of meaning.
To-days children are the tomorrows citizens.  So to-day’s children of India are the citizens of future India and the world.  The young people are in great confusion without proper goals and aims. Future of the society is dim in many aspects though we have made long strides in science and technology, agriculture and many other fields . But in humanitarian, world brother-hood and universal love and kindness we lack something. To make the future India and the world a happy home for the children- that is  the future men and women,
the present children should be properly educated and trained. The present education is self centered and teaches only the ‘three Rs’ Reading, writing and Arithmetic- the only bread earning education. The education should be for the all round development of the children. Child should be trained with greater skills and humanitarian qualities.  That can make him and the others around him happy .
Lord  Baden Powell In 1907 started a small squad of twenty boys of scouting that is to collect information, to assist the army.  Then he thought that a proper education with skills and good character is necessary for all the boys. So he started “boys scout movement”  for all the boys in 1907 and girl guide movement in 1910. In India also it was started and the movement became popular not only in India but all over the world.  Lord  Baden Powell wrote a book “scouting for boys’ which contains all the skills and character building  and health training lessons. In the same way the “cubs and bulbul’ training and education was also introduced for the children below the age of 12 years. The scout  and guide training is for children between 12 and 16 years of age.  For the youths of above 16 years ‘Rower’ training, an advanced course is given in the same scouting movement.
 “FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”   The spread and propagation of  scouting movement is the best option before the world.  It has such a good syllabus with practical training method.  It gives training for self-help and to help others at all times. It helps build good character in children and youths. If a person becomes a scout or guide, he will remain as scout and guide all his life.
After a step of training the boy or girl has to take an oath. as stated below:
 "On my honour I promise that I will do my best -
  to do my duty to God and my country, 
  to help other people and
to obey the Scout/Guide Law."
That are scout laws.   The scout Law contains all the good principles that a scout should follow.
The Bharat Scouts & Guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed as per the principles stated by  Baden Powell in 1907.
The purpose of the Movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials(strength) as individuals and as responsible citizens .
A trained scout is a very distinctive person with greater skills and ability having good character. And he is an asset to the society and the nation.
A scout / guide or a rover can do more things than that of an ordinary man.
ABILITY OF A SCOUT: He enjoys a hike through the woods more than he does a walk over the city's streets. He can tell north or south or east or west by the "signs."
He can tie a knot that will hold, he can climb a tree which seems impossible to others, he can swim a river, he can pitch a tent,
He can tell you which fruits and seeds are poisonous and which are not, he can sight nut-bearing trees from a distance; he knows the stars by name and can find his way by them.
His eyes are keen and he sees many things that others do not see. He sees tracks and signs which reveal to him the nature and habits of the creatures that made them even in wwods.
He speaks softly and answers questions modestly. A scout holds his honor to be his most precious possession, 
A scout can kindle a fire in the forest on the wettest day and he seldom uses more than one match
A scout practices self-control , for he knows that men who master problems in the world must first master themselves. He keeps a close guard on his temper and never makes a silly spectacle of himself by losing his head. He keeps a close guard on his tongue,
He keeps a close guard on his appetite and eats moderately of food which will make him strong; he never uses alcoholic liquors because he does not wish to poison his body; he desires a clear, active brain, so he avoids tobacco.
He knows what to do in case of fire, or panic, or shipwreck; he trains his mind to direct and his body to act. In all emergencies he sets an example of resourcefulness coolness, and courage. He knows the First-aid.
He is a follower of the scout law. That is - he is trustworthy;
  loyal. A Friend to all and brother/Sister to every other Scout/Guide. he is
  courteous;  friend to animals and loves nature; disciplined and helps;  protects public property; courageous; thrifty. pure in thought, word and deed.
So   in india scouting should be encouraged by the government and service minded people for better tomorrow . The Scout associations and the government together arranges training programs for teachers and the public.   High Schools and Higher primary schools have such trained scout masters and they have to work and train or educate the boys in scouting as per the principles.  But the encouragement  by the government and the public is not enough and encouraging as it should be.  It is good  if every boy and girl is trained in  scouting or guiding. 
So it is better,  if the government could provide a period per week with in the school hours to promote scouting.  Now a days It has become an organization without much encouragement by the government and the public. The public and the leaders are not aware of the good  things and principles of scouting.
The scouting can change the whole country and  our society into high moral state with honest citizens if proper encouragement is given to it

For better society in India and the world, the propagation of scouting as laid down by Baden Powell,  is the only hope.

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